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Computer Vision Engineer

The cornerstone of Hakimo's technology is computer vision. Deep learning based models power the core of our AI algorithms. We are constantly working to improve the performance of our current models, while also enabling new functionalities. We're on the look out for talented Computer Vision engineers, who can help build the core of our product offerings.


  • Build and maintain state of the art computer vision models and algorithms
  • Translate cutting edge research ideas into production ready systems
  • Analyze, categorize and solve for various error cases in existing CV systems
  • Build out ML infrastructure where needed to support the above responsibilities
  • Assist the engineering team with general Software Engineering tasks as and when required


  • Must be motivated, enthusiastic to learn, and work well in teams
  • 3+ years experience with a deep learning framework (Pytorch, Tensorflow, etc.)
  • Strong track record of building CV models or reproducing computer vision research work
  • Solid fundamentals in Software Engineering best practices is preferred
  • Familiarity with Docker, Kubernetes, ELK, testing frameworks (unittest, pytest) and SQL is a plus

If you’re interested in joining our team, please get in touch at careers [at] hakimo [dot] ai.

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