Hakimo wins two awards at ISC West including the prestigious Judges' Choice Award across all categories!

How physical security teams identify threats that need action

Hakimo is your Security AI Assistant that filters out false alarms and detects tailgating.

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Trusted by top global enterprises

“Nuisance alarms form a high percentage of activity.
Hakimo can take those away for us so we can demonstrate the value back to the business more easily.”

Physical Security leader at a 7,000-person
Tech Company in California

Identify real potential
threats and avoid
missed break-ins

Hakimo filters out 80% of false alarms so that your operators can focus on real security incidents as soon as they happen.

Build a more effective and scalable GSOC

Hakimo automatically resolves false alarms so that your existing GSOC operators can handle more alarms as your company grows.

Share ROI with the business

Like having your own internal data scientist. Access dashboards to share critical insights with stakeholders and prove the value of smart security.

An AI Assistant for your security team

False alarms filter

Tailgating detection with no additional hardware

Alerts and insights to transform your security culture

Works with existing access control and video systems

Alarms and videos on a single unified interface

Dashboards with actionable insights

Custom quarterly reports detailing security issues

Solving the bread and butter problem
of physical security

"Hakimo is moving physical security light years ahead"

Head of Security at a Global Fintech Company

“Hakimo does the basics perfectly every time, better than a human and at scale, so the enterprise can continue to grow without the need to add more humans to do these menial tasks.”

Jason Veiock

Security Leader at a Global Technology Company

“Hakimo assesses the footage for you in seconds and gives you the true alarm probability. Now we get 10 alarms we actually need to review instead of hundreds.”

Duncan Turner

Corporate Security Executive

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