Hakimo wins TWO awards at ISC West including the prestigious Judges' Choice Award across all categories!

Solving the bread
and butter problem
of physical security

The threat landscape is changing rapidly but physical security systems are still stuck in the 1990s. This is in sharp contrast to cybersecurity where state-of-the-art artificial intelligence and software tools are used every day to gain remarkable efficiencies. Hakimo’s mission is to develop such cybersecurity-like tools for the physical security industry, and thus accelerate the convergence between the two.

The Team

Hakimo’s team is a combination of stellar engineering talent and security/SaaS expertise.

Sam Joseph

CEO and Co-Founder

Sagar Honnungar

CTO and Co-Founder

Jason Wright

Director of Sales

Abhijeet Shenoi

Founding Engineer

Sateesh Kumar

Software Engineer

Sagar Anand

Software Engineer

Ganesh Anand

Software Engineer

Ashutosh Dixit

Software Engineer - intern

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Open Roles

Our Investors

Hakimo is funded by top U.S.-based
Silicon Valley venture capital firms.

Jason Veiock

Security Leader at a Global Technology Company

“Hakimo does the basics perfectly every time, better than a human and at scale, so the enterprise can continue to grow without the need to add more humans to do these menial tasks.”

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