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AI Software Helps GSOCs Solve Real-World Problems

Hakimo’s AI software provides GSOCs with powerful tools to protect assets and gain situational awareness.

MENLO PARK, Calif., March 23, 2022 Global Security Operation Centers (GSOCs) are the hub of security operations, bringing together large amounts of data from surveillance, access control and intrusion systems into a centralized location, in addition to carrying out travel risk management and various intelligence operations. They play an important role by helping corporations to mitigate risk and gain situational awareness.

All of this data, however, presents a challenge for GSOCs. Faced with processing thousands of events each day, GSOC operators find it hard to identify real threats from false nuisance alarms, leading to real breaches getting missed frequently. This defeats the entire purpose of GSOCs, which is to protect people and assets.

AI software, however, is a key piece of the puzzle to bring all of the data together, analyze it and automate responses, thereby allowing human operators to give their complete attention to real incidents that matter. Hakimo’s software is like an AI Assistant for GSOCs. The software eliminates noisy false alarms, quickly identifies threats that need to be addressed and detects and reduces breaches such as tailgating which were previously impossible for GSOCs to monitor at a large scale.

The rise of AI

The security industry has been talking about the impact of AI for several years, thanks to the introduction of more security devices and software that incorporate deep learning and analytics algorithms. In fact, AI is listed as the number one trend in the 2022 Security Megatrends Report, an annual report commissioned by the Security Industry Association. According to the report, AI investment from within the security industry is exploding, with 13 percent of companies dedicating all of their research and development investments to AI-related technology. In 2019, that number was only 2.

Why is AI on the fast track of growth in the security industry? Much like cybersecurity was 10 years ago, physical security has reached a point where manual analysis of events is no longer practical. This is caused not only by the exponential increase in the number of sensors and events, but also by the recent staffing shortages. Customers are therefore demanding AI-powered solutions that are smarter, faster, and able to process information autonomously without relying upon human intervention.

Combining access control and video

Access control monitoring is a use-case where AI is having an outsized impact. Hakimo’s AI software seamlessly integrates with access control and video systems, analyzes the video corresponding to every single event and then takes automated actions based on that video analysis. GSOCs are able to use Hakimo as a smart overlay with their existing systems thanks to bi-directional integrations with major physical access control platforms that ensure that any action taken by Hakimo’s AI is reflected in the original access control system as well.

Solving tailgating in enterprise physical security

Monitoring for tailgating is another use case for AI-powered automation in GSOCs. When someone tailgates and follows another person through a secure entry point without badging, it becomes a significant security breach. GSOCs today have no scalable way to detect or track tailgating. Today’s AI software can detect tailgating without requiring any additional hardware, thereby adding tailgating detection to every door in the enterprise. Now, detecting tailgating only solves the ‘symptom’ of the problem. AI software can also provide employee behavior change tools to solve the ‘root cause’ of the problem.


Massive amounts of data in GSOCs also means that it is impractical for a human to comb through that data and find anomalies. This is another avenue where AI software helps GSOCs. AI software has the ability to crunch millions of data points in a GSOC and give insights into anomalous badging behavior, building occupancy metrics, and operator performance metrics. Data is gold today and AI software, such as the software developed by Hakimo, equips GSOCs with actionable data that helps demonstrate the return on investment of security.

PwC expects that AI will transform productivity, enabling firms to augment their labor force and increase productivity, product development and affordability. By 2030, AI is expected to have a 45 percent impact on economic gains and contribute $15.7 trillion to the economy. Better security monitoring will clearly account for a portion of those economic gains.

Learn more about Hakimo’s AI software and its AI assistant for GSOCs at this link. Or visit Hakimo at ISC West in Las Vegas at the Venetian Expo, March 23-25, 2022 in booth #24118.

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