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Cracking Down on Theft: A Comprehensive Guide for Auto Dealers

See how Hakimo can work to prevent theft at your auto dealership and help you sleep better at night.

In today's digital age, vehicle security is not something auto dealers can afford to take lightly. With sophisticated methods of theft evolving every day, dealerships must adopt dynamic, cutting-edge strategies to protect their inventory.  Since 2020 the number of catalytic converter thefts reported has soared 400%. Thefts like these cause monetary loss, and can leave a vehicle sitting on your lot for months. This article is a comprehensive guide for auto dealers to crack down on theft and enhance the security of their premises.

Understanding the Threat Landscape

First, it's essential to understand the nature of the threat. Theft can occur in multiple ways, ranging from traditional hot-wiring to more advanced methods involving hacking into vehicle systems, to a quick operation that can make off with a catalytic converter in less than 90 seconds. By familiarizing themselves with potential threats, auto dealers can design effective security measures to counter each scenario.

Strengthening Physical Security

A robust physical security system is the first line of defense against car theft. Here are a few considerations:
Surveillance Systems: Deploying high-quality CCTV cameras across your premises ensures that every corner of your dealership is monitored 24/7. These cameras also allow systems such as Hakimo’s remote guarding solution to eliminate theft.
Access Control Systems: These systems limit access to your inventory, allowing only authorized personnel to access high-security zones. Biometric systems or smart cards offer a higher level of security compared to traditional keys.
Perimeter Security: Reinforce your dealership's perimeter with high fences, barriers, and strategic lighting to discourage potential thieves. These methods usually have a high upfront cost and may not be 100% effective. Remote guarding coupled with physical barriers act as a strong deterrent.

Implementing Technological Solutions

While physical security is crucial, it's not sufficient on its own. Auto dealers should consider integrating the following technological solutions:

- Remote guarding: Having eyes on your security cameras and dispatching law enforcement can deter thefts before they happen, trigger fast responses to catch thefts in the act, and can give law enforcement a head start when trying to apprehend criminals.
- Vehicle Tracking: Invest in GPS tracking devices for your vehicles. In the event of a theft, these devices can help law enforcement quickly locate and recover the stolen vehicle.
- Alarm Systems: Modern alarm systems can alert you instantly if an unauthorized action is detected. Some advanced systems can even immobilize the vehicle, rendering it useless to thieves.
- Cybersecurity Measures: With the advent of connected vehicles, cybersecurity has become just as critical as physical security. Ensure that all software used in your vehicles is up-to-date and protected against potential cyber threats.

Employee Training and Awareness

Your employees play a crucial role in maintaining the security of your dealership. They need to be trained to recognize suspicious behavior and understand the correct procedures to follow in case of a security breach. Regularly conduct drills and workshops to keep them alert and ready to respond to any situation.

Working with Law Enforcement

Establish strong relationships with local law enforcement agencies. They can provide valuable advice on improving your dealership's security and respond quickly if an incident occurs. In some areas, law enforcement agencies offer free security audits to businesses. With Hakimo’s remote guarding, law enforcement can be provided video evidence of incidents so they can quickly assess the situation and lead the response.


Cracking down on theft at an auto dealership involves a comprehensive approach that includes physical security, technological solutions, employee awareness, and collaboration with law enforcement. By integrating these elements into your dealership's security strategy, you can significantly reduce the risk of theft and ensure the safety of your valuable inventory. Remember, proactive security measures not only prevent losses but also enhance your dealership's reputation among customers. Hakimo’s remote guarding solution can help you manage the complexities of securing your dealership. Hakimo has best in class response times, and the latest in artificial intelligence backing our operators. Book a demo today to learn more!

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