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Artificial intelligence-powered event monitoring for enhanced security, efficiency and compliance

Level Up Your Security Program

Digital transformation and doing more with existing resources are top of mind for enterprise organizations right now. A Hakimo artificial intelligence solution overlay to your existing access control and video management systems automates repetitive tasks, serves as a force multiplier and strengthens your overall security posture.

Dramatically reduce nuisance alarms

Access control systems produce an overwhelming number of nuisance alarms. This results in alarm monitoring fatigue, which increases the risk of potentially missed incidents while reducing security operator morale and retention. The Hakimo AI software analyzes and assigns a True Alarm Probability to each alarm, automatically resolving nuisance alarms while bringing potential threats to the attention of the security operations center. That way, operators can focus on more important tasks like real security incidents.

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Monitor security system health

Maintaining properly working security systems is critical to any successful security program, and manual audits cost time and money. The Hakimo AI software automatically monitors the health of your cameras and door hardware and alerts you to any issues that need resolution. By being proactive about maintenance, you'll help ensure your systems are up and running at all times and reduce the probability of missing an incident due to malfunctioning hardware.

Detect and reduce tailgating incidents

74% of security professionals fail to track tailgating, yet 71% believe they are vulnerable to a physical breach from tailgating*.  With no additional hardware, the Hakimo AI solution analyzes and correlates data from your existing cameras and access control system badge swipes to detect tailgating incidents in real time, allowing for an immediate response to a potential breach. Data insights include top tailgating offenders and doors where incidents most often occur, so your team can easily target risk areas. In addition, automated emails to cardholders responsible for tailgating help change behavior to transform your organization's security culture and reduce tailgating incidents over time.

*2019 Boon Edam Security Survey

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Prevent incidents from occurring

It's not always possible or within your budget to have a security guard everywhere you need them. The Hakimo AI software monitors security video for the presence of people and vehicles where they don't belong and immediately alerts your team to potential threats. Deter the majority of unwanted activities by incorporating supported audio warnings into your standard response protocol. Whether you're protecting the perimeter, remote areas, high-value outdoor assets, parking lots or executive residences, the Hakimo remote guarding capability mitigates risk and helps stop potential incidents in their tracks.

Consolidate alarms from multiple systems

Most enterprise organizations have multiple security systems due to organic growth or acquisitions, and it's inefficient to manage alarms and events from several different system interfaces. The Hakimo AI solution integrates with commonly used enterprise access control systems and brings events and alarms into a single, easy-to-use interface. A bi-directional integration with the access control system ensures that alarm status is stored in the access control system database as well as in the Hakimo solution. In addition, the solution supports integrations with virtually any video management system or surveillance camera.

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Make workflows more efficient

Today's organizations use a lot of digital tools, and these tools are far more productive when they're connected. The Hakimo AI solution integrates with everyday software platforms that go beyond physical security such as ServiceNow, Slack and cybersecurity SIEM tools, making your workflows easier and the entire organization more efficient.

Turn data into action with AI insights

Access control data is gold, but not if you can’t act on it. Leverage meaningful metrics like your top problem doors, operator performance, and building utilization to enhance your security posture and resiliency of your organization. Easily share these insights with stakeholders to prove the value of smart security.

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