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Construction site security includes protection from theft, vandalism, trespassing and liability. Remote guarding is a cost-effective way to deter unwanted activity.

Enhance construction site security

Construction sites are full of activity, from materials deliveries to heavy machinery operating to teams of workers building. After hours, thieves and trespassers know their window of opportunity is open. Even if you have an onsite security guard, they can’t always keep an eye on every area of the construction site, and besides, it’s expensive to maintain a guard. The Hakimo artificial intelligence-powered remote guarding solution keeps an eye on your entire construction site at a lower cost and helps stop incidents in their tracks.

Prevent incidents from occurring

The Hakimo AI solution monitors security video for people and vehicles when and where they don’t belong. When someone enters the construction site after hours, the Hakimo solution alerts the remote guard force to their presence. Audio warnings deter the majority of unwanted activities, and the remote guarding service dispatches law enforcement if needed.

Improve your bottom line

Equipment theft, vandalism and liability claims due to injury of an intruder - despite them trespassing - can be very costly to construction companies.  By taking a proactive approach to protecting your assets with Hakimo remote guarding, you’ll reduce risk and losses from theft, damage and claims.

Ensure your security cameras are working

Maintaining properly functioning cameras is critical to security, but you shouldn’t have to check on them yourself. The Hakimo AI solution automatically monitors the health of your cameras and alerts of any issues so they can be resolved in a timely manner. That way, you can be sure your site is being properly monitored at all times.

Tailor a solution to your needs

Our team of experts works with you to develop a solution tailored to your unique construction site security requirements, including areas that need protection, hours of operation, standard operating procedures and response protocols.

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