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Energy and Utilities

AI can help automate many processes to enhance security, efficiency and compliance for energy and utilities organizations.

Enhance critical infrastructure security and compliance

Energy and utilities security teams are tasked with protecting critical infrastructure which serves a wide range of commercial, government and residential customers and powers the economy. The Hakimo artificial intelligence security monitoring solution automates many processes, allowing operators to focus on more important activities. It works with existing access control systems and video surveillance cameras to help energy and utilities security teams reduce risk, improve response time and support compliance efforts.

Dramatically reduce nuisance alarms

The Hakimo AI solution prioritizes alarms based on security risk, allowing energy and utilities security teams to quickly respond to actual incidents and reduce nuisance alarms from access control systems.

Monitor security system health

Maintaining properly functioning cameras and door hardware is critical to any successful physical security program. The Hakimo AI solution automatically monitors the health of your cameras and door hardware and alerts your team of any issues so they can be resolved in a timely manner.

Uncover tailgating incidents

With no need for additional hardware, the Hakimo solution assesses every access control event to uncover person and vehicle tailgating events, or unauthorized access, that would otherwise go undetected. This supports NERC CIP standard compliance efforts.

Protect outdoor and remote areas

The Hakimo AI solution monitors video for the presence of people and vehicles when and where they don't belong, enhancing perimeter security and unmanned remote locations.

Consolidate alarms in a single interface

Due to their size and scope, energy and utilities companies typically have multiple access control and video management systems across different locations. Sometimes these systems are even from different manufacturers. The Hakimo AI solution consolidates alarms from multiple access control and video systems in a single interface, making it much easier to manage security events.

Leverage data-driven insights

Insights produced by the Hakimo solution guide security system maintenance and help inform critical infrastructure security programs and planning.

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