Hakimo helps Salmon Arm GM proactively prevent crime  See How

Self Storage

Hakimo Remote Guarding prevents and deters trespassing, vandalism and thefts at self-storage facilities.

Proactively secure self-storage sites

Self-storage sites are getting hit across the country with thefts and burglaries. Cameras can only document those crimes but cannot prevent them. Hakimo Remote Guarding combines existing security systems with remote guards and AI to prevent incidents.

Live guards assisted by AI

Our highly trained security guards are supported by state-of-the-art artificial intelligence technology. This unique combination ensures a swift response to any security threat. 

120 decibel talkdown within 5 seconds

In the event of an intrusion or suspicious activity, our live guards quickly intervene using our cutting-edge talkdown system. With a booming 120 decibel deterrent, potential intruders are instantly alerted and discouraged from proceeding. Our lightning-fast response time of just 5 seconds means that security threats are addressed promptly, minimizing the risk to your facility.

Peace of mind for tenants

Tenants store not just their belongings but also their trust at a facility. Hakimo gives an extra peace of mind to your tenants that their belongings are secure at your facility. 

More effective security than an on-site guard

Hakimo Remote Guarding provides better security than having a full-time on-site security guard. We deliver this at a fraction of the cost, thus helping you get closer to an automated, unmanned facility.

Reduce insurance premiums while charging higher rents

By partnering with Hakimo, you not only enhance security but also unlock financial benefits for your self-storage facility. Our robust security measures enables you to charge higher rents, attracting discerning tenants who prioritize safety and peace of mind. Having a monitored remote guarding service reduces insurance premiums too. 

Take the first step towards revolutionizing your self-storage facility's security. Contact Hakimo today to learn how our live guards assisted by AI can transform your facility into an impenetrable fortress. Secure your investment, gain a competitive edge, and provide unmatched protection to your tenants with Hakimo's remote guarding services. Book a demo today!

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